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Asset Inspection - Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a cost effective way to perform inspections on a variety of electrical, mechanical and solar equipment.  Inspecting buildings using thermal imaging can highlight insulation issues as well as locating areas of moisture penetration and pest infestations. 

A recent farm inspection located a potentially catastrophic issue when a hot elbow in a refrigeration compressor was discovered.  A refrigeration specialist found a blockage in the elbow and repairs were undertaken.  Had the unit failed during harvest, the loss of fresh produce could have run into many thousands of dollars.  Other issues found included insulation leaks in the cold room, a hot switch in the three-phase power board, hot bearings in several motors and hot electrical breakers and connections.  All of these issue have the potential to disrupt production and cost much more than just the cost of repair.

A Testo 882 thermal imager was user for the machinery, building and electrical inspection.  Solar panels were inspected using a Flir Vue Pro fitted to a Feiyutech gimbal.  Visual images were taken with a DJI W5R camera.  Both cameras were mounted on a DJI Matrice 600 Pro to collect the required aerial images.

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