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Citrus Crop Health Trial

Using multispectral imaging to create orthomosaic and crop health indices maps, BIAS has been contracted to provide data to shine a light on the variation of yield in two identical fields of citrus in the Bundaberg region.  To give a better data driven response to the issue, the NDRE index map was loaded into GIS software so the spectral response above 0.5 could be isolated and then further broken into selected spectral bands.  With this information in numerical data form for individual crop rows in each field, future data collection can be compared and percentage changes in individual rows along with whole field data can be made.  This way we are not simply relying on visual changes in maps over time, but changes is measurable numerical data.

A DJI Matrice 600 Pro fitted with a Micasense RedEdge M multi-spectral imager were used to collect the images for this project.

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