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Providing Aerial and Thermal Imaging

Services to Regional Queensland


Real Estate

Aerial photography in the real estate industry has been a game changer for both agents and property owners.  As drone technology has developed, so has the quality of cameras and images produced.  Bellamish Aerial Imaging Solutions has several drone options allowing aerial photography that meets a wide variety of real estate needs.  Even in the tightest of situations, drones with anti-collision sensors make it possible to safely take those real estate pics that will make a property stand out from the rest.

Thermal Imaging

Whether it be for business or home, thermal imaging is an effective and efficient way to inspect buildings; electrical, mechanical and process equipment; and farming land.  Thermal imaging allows for inspections to occur without costly closure of buildings or stopping equipment.  It is a non-destructive and entirely safe way to inspect for potential equipment failure, energy loss from buildings, roof moisture inspections, solar panel inspection, water use on farms or locating lost farm stock.

Using thermal imaging can save you money by locating failures before they occur, reducing down time by using scheduled stoppages to repair equipment.  It can also lead to increased efficiencies and performance by having your equipment operating a fully capacity.  Catastrophic equipment failure can be prevented by locating issues early.  Such failure can lead to larger repair bills and longer periods of production loss.  

Equipment failure can cause serious injury to staff or ruin your business reputation by not being able to meet your deliverables due to unplanned stoppages.

Aerial Images tell the bigger story
All Aerial Photography

Using a range of drones coupled with high resolution cameras, Bellamish Aerial Imaging Solutions can capture still photos or produce aerial cinematography of any project, no mater how small or large.  Let us show you how we can capture those precious moments or make your business stand out by providing that ‘wow’ factor through brilliant images and video.

Reaching difficult assets from the air
Asset Inspection

Inspecting assets from the air makes perfect sense. Drones equipped with high definition and thermal imaging cameras, coupled with GPS systems, makes imaging assets not only efficient, but a safe way to regularly inspect them so they meet compliance standards.  Locating issues early can allow repairs to take place at scheduled down times or before catastrophic failure occurs. Don’t let your brand suffer from incidents that could have been prevented through aerial inspections that form part of your programmed maintenance.

Following natural disasters, obtaining asset condition information quickly enables faster determination on how to best employ repair crews to assess that are critically needed while located potential hazards.

Search & Rescue

Thermal imaging provides real-time images to search members at any time of day.  Every object emits heat or infrared radiation which can be seen as an image through a thermal imaging camera.  Using a thermal imager attached to a drone enables large areas to be covered quickly and efficiently, even in complete darkness when the human eye can not see.  Hand-held imagers are also a valuable tool to assist from the ground.    

Lost stock can be found as easily as people, providing farmers a valuable and time-saving method for stock recovery.

Agricultural & Aerial Mapping

Drones have brought mapping to farms and industry to a new level.  Three dimensional, orthomosaic, and NDVI agricultural and thermal image of the land are just some of the options available today.   

Using a Flir 640 X 512 resolution thermal imager and a Micasense RedEdge multispectral sensor, high quality images are captured to ensure the end user receives the best possible images with which to make informed decisions. 



Bellamish Aerial Imaging Solutions is a regionally-based company ready to service regional Queensland.  Situated in Bundaberg, BAIS can deliver a wide variety of aerial imaging and thermal imaging solutions using the latest imaging technology specifically designed for each purpose.  


With the ability to carry more than one imaging device, our drones will capture those important images ready for processing in a variety of formats in the shortest time frame, saving you money while capturing the data most valuable to you.


BAIS staff are fully trained pilots and thermographers,  CASA certified and insured to give you peace of mind while we are on site working with you.  Whether you are wanting 4K Raw resolution video, crop analysis, thermal inspection from the air or on the ground, or just great aerial photos of your property and other assets, call Bellamish Aerial Imaging Solutions to discuss how we can support you.

Our technology


DJI Phantom 4 pro

DJI Matrice 600 Pro 

Phantom 4 Pro
Matrice 600 Pro

The Phantom 4 Pro might be small, but it punches above its weight when it come to aerial photography.  Equiped with a 20 megapixel still camera and the ability to take 4k video at 60 f/second and 1080p video at 120 f/sec.  This little aircraft meats many needs. 

Whether you need high resolution aerial mapping or great photos in more difficult and tight flying situations, this aircraft can deliver the shot you are looking for.

The Matrice 600 Pro is our flagship aircraft.  It has the ability to lift a payload of 6.5 kg.  It can carry two sensors simultaneously, providing the ability to take a range of image types in the one flight.  Whether you need high quality photos or video, thermal images or multispectral images, this aircraft can do the lot.

Our Matrice 600 Pro can be fitted with any combination of a DJI X5R camera, Flir Vue Pro thermal imager or MicaSence RedEdge Multispectoral imager.  The X5R camera is not only capably of 4k video, it can also record in 4K raw for those wanting high quality cinematographic work.  Fitting a lidar imager to this aircraft would give accurate surveying capabilities.

Hand-held Thermal Imagers

Testo 882 themal imager

Bellamish Areal Imaging Solutions also perform workplace and home thermal imaging services. 

Thermal imaging provides a non-destructive inspection of devices, machines, electrical equipment and more.  Thermal images can find faults through locating abnormal temperatures in operating equipment.  As thermal imaging is non-destructive, there is no loss of production time or expensive shutdown and dismantling of equipment.  Equipment is inspected while operational under normal loads.

Benefits of a thermal inspection include: no unscheduled downtime, increased effectiveness of your maintenance personnel, reduced equipment damage, quality control improvement, energy savings and increased efficiency, reduced inventory costs and safety improvement.

All work is performed by a qualified thermographer and comes with a professional report documenting all findings.




For any enquiries or questions about our services, please call 0437 415 787 or fill out the following form.

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